Dream Catching and Transforming

Walk first and then practice yoga!

A move back to the Wiltshire countryside, where i grew up, has inspired to start making again. I walk daily to the bottom of a magical South Cotswold valley walking distance from my home, where I have found the Hazel trees to start this Dream Catcher factory in my studio. I love weaving webs as much as i like dancing and have always been fascinated by spiders and the way they weave!


They are a Native American tradition and have been around for generations. Traditional dream catchers are intended to protect people who are sleeping from negative, bad dreams while still letting the positive, good dreams come through. The good dreams go through the hole in the center of the dream catcher and then glide down the feathers to the person sleeping below. This of course is why people say that dream catchers should always hang over your bed, otherwise it won’t work. It is said that the bad dreams get caught up in the web during the night and once the sun rises and shines on the dream catcher, they get destroyed. Native Americans and of course others, truly believe that dream catchers have the power to catch all of your dreams; trapping the bad ones in the web, and only letting the good dreams pass through the hole in the middle.


Sophiebutterflybolton (yogasophie) went quiet in 2015.  That rather allusive and life zapping energy called ‘fear’ crept in.  My life, my yoga and dancing freedom teaching stalled to a halt. I had to stay very still whilst my body dealt with physical pain, leaving me to witness the parts of myself I had been ignoring.

What it’s taught me is that we are dimensional beings. I had been building up over the course of i’m not sure how long to self neglect.  One layer of myself had run a programme for long enough that screamed for attention. It was as if  I had banished the small child within myself to the corner of the room because I couldn’t cope with her anger and grief in areas of my life.  I was forced to stay very very still with this physical pain and experience her in the corner of the room.

Over several months I very gently teased her into the heart of the room, to take rest near the wood burner (in my converted barn accommodation), to say no to festival and places of high energy.  She got to feel the love and nurture she longer for. There are friends on this part of the road that I am so so grateful to, they literally mothered me.  Aren’t human beings great at this bit!

I am grateful.  So grateful to life for Love, the Love from friends, family and nature, even love from the cheese factor!  I am now back on track and have a clear sight of this energy called Fear – the other side of the coin of love!  I relish the paradox of needing to get ill in order to remember that I am loved!  I bow down to the practice of yoga and free form dance to help with this process of realisation and how glad I am to be open to the process of transformation.

I intend to share more of my love for life in 2016. To quote the words of my dear sister, Rice (I have so much to thank this amazing woman for) ‘just get on and do it!’


This year I am channeling this new ground of being into my yoga teaching and Dancing Freedom facilitation. Please see my website for what’s in store! www.yogasophie.co.uk. yogasophie -logo-4 I aim to create a nourishing Dancing Freedom community as well in the Bristol and Bath surrounding countryside.  The greatest love and service of mine is to offer yoga to children with additional needs.  More on this in the next blog.  I am also having a great deal of fun experimenting in yoga and dance for the children’s yoga class i hold at home on a weekly basis.


May there be more musical journeys with our bodies this year. I enjoy feeling the parts of me beneath the layers of worry and anxiety and survival that are alive, sensual, sexy and strong (what can be wrong with that!?) Thanks to yoga and free intentional dance for that. I encourage you to join me or other practitioners and build on your own experience of transformation in the way you know keeps you on a comfortable edge of learning.
Just to leave you with some words from Sobonfue Some’s book called Falling Out of Grace (Meditations on Loss, Healing and Grace) which I feel Is relevant to what i do with friends and my work here on planet earth. www.sobonfu.com


‘A lot of energy is devoted to creating circles of people here in the West who will support each other, helping them to strengthen and hold that bond. My own desire to have community has been at the core of it, and for me, being able to have communities and connect them has been important for survival.
When I think about my friends in other parts of the country, i don’t see them as separate from friends closer to home, and whenever somebody from far away comes to visit, I try to connect to him or her with people so they can meet. I encourage them to open up and share feelings with one another. One thing this does is help people get away from the notion that their community is like a club.’

Good luck with your next step, be it the birth of a new child, to the post office, with a new project, raising the children you already have, helping refugees, signing a new contract on a job or home, just keep on trusting.

My motto for this year is Do What you Love and so it spreads!!

cropped-images-1.jpegDance on peeps!

Much Love





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