Yoga in Motion – Dancing Freedom

Seeding the Way for the Francing deedom sway!! This Dancing Freedom experience out here in the stunning beauty of the Souther Oregon mountains on Seven Seeds Farm,reminds me that I love to be in or near mountains! I’ve been here for about a week and the most prominent feeling right now is peace and deep gratitude for being here on this beautiful land with these kind souls called Dancers- Dancing Freedomites!!

It took 7 or 8 hours to drive from San Francisco with my new Dancing Freedom sister Sarah and DF brother Jody. When we arrived I visually drank in the trees dripping in Lichen and my nose sniffed the sweetest freshest air! The ‘yes’ feeling arrived instantly alongside the ‘noooo’ as the nervousness of the whole experience to come dawned on me. The camping bit was big part of that resistance! I’m very pleased to say that i have now mended my relationship to camping. My Princess and the Pea is at rest!! I love it!

Jody who I’d travelled up from San Francisco is another Brit on this course. I presumed two things before I met him, one that Jody looks like a girl’s name on paper and the other is that he/she must be American, turns out he’s a bloke and he’s english! I’m not the only Anglophile on the course !! Jody is a wonderful new bro and I’m glad to have his familiar anglo quirks on board, he’s a totally lovely embodiment of mischief, depth and openness! All the souls on this training are just….aroroaroorao….amazing and beautiful. Yes – I’m loved up and Yes a Humming Bird just hoovered right over this computer. This farm we’re dancing on is beautiful.
The connection between us dancers feels like instant soup. A shared passion for dancing is a strong medicine to make a delicious soup! We are all gathered here (and yes the yurt we dance in does feel a bit like a church to me!) to dance and witness the intelligence of our body (somatics) to bring in what we want in our lives and to see what emotionally and mentally no longer serves us in our lives. It turns out that it’s not only me that took this leap of faith to come out here and do the training, a good number of the other dancers did too!
Seven Seeds Farm where the training is happening runs as biodynamic farm, it has three dogs Zapper, Stella and Shamma, a few cats, goats, goatlings, chickens and chicks, turkeys and turklettes and lambs. And a pig that thinks it’s all of the above.

My body, my heart and my soul are rocking it. As I said, even camping feels blessed. I usually usually poo-poo camping but now i’m getting into it! Thanks to my dear friend Laurel for lending me her the incredibly warm sleeping bag to make this a pleasurable experience. The sun has shone most days and the moon is now in full shine with the stars twinkling bright. Don who runs the farm is passionate about maintaining and restoring this land through biodynamic and organic means with a main focus on the production of their own seeds which they sell at farmers markets and online. They also produce fruit and veg for selling at local markets and to the local community. Check out the link. .

So what is Dancing Freedom? It’s simply having a space in which to freely dance with a theme or a prayer that inspires you to feel what’s going inside. If you’ve ever had that feeling of dancing like no ones watching, or you go to 5 rhythms dance classes (Gabrielle Roth), OR in my case you’ve spent a good part of your young adult life raving and dancing on electronic style dance floors – psy trance was my flavour, it’s like that. Like physical yoga, it’s a means to bringing more mindfulness to the body.

Dancing Freedom’s structure is based on the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – each track that is played (yes I’ll be facilitating and dj-ing which is exciting!) embodies one of those elements and you literally ride a wave to move in your body and feel and sense what’s present. At the end there’s space to sit called the ‘Harvest’, a moment in which to contemplate the internal stories you may carry with their bumps and bruises and that in dancing with one’s story there’s a space to rewrite it and enjoy life more! The fact that this is taking place on land on a piece of land that is in harmony with nature, makes dancing the elements more real.

Here’s words from Samantha, the founder of Dancing Freedom, how she feels the practice. ‘I believe the dance can set us free. Freedom means that we are at home in our bodies and in our spirits. It mana that we have fluidity between our inner connectivity and our outer expressivity. When these two parts of ourselves are in dynamic flow, we live with soul. We dance in the fire of love that is at the centre of our hearts.’ What I love in the teaching is There’s nothing to get wrong and there’s nothing to achieve in it just to ‘show up’ and dance with yourself and others, in Samantha’s words ‘in an unfoldment of responses to the body, heart and mind.’ It’s also a great way to keep fit and alive in your body… and have fun and feel free! I’ve loved yoga, walking in nature for this reason but deep down i’ve always known that free dance is my path and now i’ll be facilitating it.

So far this training has planted seeds of trust and dare I say it (close your ears cynics) deeper self-love. During our sessions in the yurt, we as these funny human creatures have shared tears, laughter, wisdom whilst the goats have bleated and the chucks have clucked in the pastures outside. To be human is complex and challenging and then in a dance together that miraculously and mysteriously becomes sweet and simple. We all share in the same shit in our own unique ways and that shit can turn to shine leaving you feeling sublime!! My focus is to be in service to children – to protect and nurture their essence so they grow up not forgetting it – and to be close to nature.

I’m really feeling this practice moving me in and out. Its working! There’s a delightful connection between us Movers. A week in and not caring if i’m too much or if i’m too little or not enough. Actually i’m lying, of course there are times that the mind plays tricks and i’m feeling separate or a bit jealous of someone else’s intimacy but even then that feels okay when you experience the feeling rather than hiding from it. It’s powerful stuff. I’m aware we are living a state bliss here on the farm and there’s the leg of leaving the leg after to come home bring this clarity that is crystallising . I’d like to introduce the Poop Saloon whilst talking of bliss.

Dancing Freedom with the dance is a perspective on life and all that we can’t see (cosmos). Two things that Samantha holds close to her heart is the vision of co-creation and becoming your our own leader. What’s f-ing brilliant is Samantha walks her talk. She’s for real! She’s a natural leader, you can feel her honesty. I can feel her honesty. It’s genuine as she doesn’t try and be something she’s not. My harsher English Self danced about in judgements towards the American accent and intonations, in the first couple of days, It’s so easy to go down this route if you’re feeling a bit insecure or if you’ve been conditioned to think that Americans are annoying, and it made it hard for me to digest the teachings to begin with. I’m glad to have knocked that one on the head. What a waste of time to have these limiting views! Dancing Freedom is dancing the ‘It is what it is-ness!!’

A little synopsis of what brought me here starts with yoga when my young adult life needed grounding. 5 rhythms Dance which in short is another of those mindful dances was then the next practice that straightened me out. 5 rhythms dance also helped me to replace the psy-trance scene when i’d need to continue raving in a healthier way!

The intelligent electronic sounds that rocked and cradled me on the psy trance floor when i was supposed to be doing my A-levels for university were fun, terrifying and ecstatic times, they broadened my perspective to life, brought me to yoga and my current 4 year profession as a yoga teacher, which in turn has lead me to this training, to become a Dancing Freedom facilitator! I’m excited to stir some of the more funky sensual, melodic tracks from the psy-trance pot into my Dancing Freedom pot, amongst other great tunes that i hope will serve participant’s ears. I’m looking forward to collecting nice dance music. Hamid who’s facilitating and djing on this training has iTunes brimming with lush tunes!! Big shout out to Hamid’s presence here on this course.

Tonight we get to dance to a local band in a nearby town called Applegate and tomorrow there’s a ‘land party’ to do some cobb work and to build the Sweat Lodge for Saturday. Here is a photo of that event! Handy ladies plaster the outdoor shower with Cobb mulch.

Here’s to a world filled with more love and a lot of dancing! I really look forward to following my passion as I hope you do too!! xx


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